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Questions about Sin

If israelite paid the price for our sin, why do we calm go through the consequences of our sin? What does the Bible say just about tattoos / physical structure piercings? Should I tell my relative about my pornography addiction? Are children fined for the sins of their parents?

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Why do homosexuals believe that homosexuality is not a sin?

Homosexuals believe homosexualism is not a sin because there is nothing unrighteous about people's sexed orientation per se. sexual practice and straightness are physiological property orientations, not sins or sinful conditions. All homosexuals and all heterosexuals are sinners from birth because we all are given birth with a sin nature, Romans , .

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EWTN.com - Mortal Sin in thoughts

I'm rightful inquisitive if it's achievable to act a deadly sin in your thoughts. Whether it's bad thoughts some the Divine, or separate people. Specifically, I mingy if it's a bad belief that you didn't want to have, or immediately regret after having it.

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